Thursday, August 2, 2012

Book Nerd Moment

Charlaine Harris and Janet Evanovich, two of my current favorite authors
(Photo from the Today Show website)

(This post might be total nonsense if you aren't familiar with both book series)

I love both of these ladies and their literature.  Janet has her Stephanie Plum Series and Charlaine's most popular and lengthy series is, of course, the Sookie Stackhouse books.  I've read all of these and have been craving more.

I have in my head what I believe is a great idea.

Stephanie Plum lives in New Jersey and is a bounty hunter.  If you've read even the first book-turned-movie, this is old news.  What if she had to go out of town to catch a FTA and that person just happened to escape to Bon Temps, Louisiana?  There, we would find out that the criminal has paid off a group of supes or vamps to keep him safe from capture and Stephanie has to find and friend Sookie to help her navigate the situation.

The ladies could collaborate and write the book.  How awesome would that be?  Super-duper awesome, I tell you!  I feel like the two book characters have so much in common anyway.  They are both strong, independent women who are always getting into trouble and who can never decided and stick to one guy.  Plus, neither of them seems to have time to eat.  And what would happen if Sookie fell for Ranger?  DRAMA!

Wouldn't these two actresses be great together?  I know that I would not be the only person that would buy into this.  I could really be onto something!  I mean, there are all kinds of side movies for other series, like Alien V Robot Puppies on Planet Pluto, so I definitely think there would be merit for a movie after the book is finished.

The only question is - how can we make this happen?

If you like my idea, help spread the word - S&SBFFs2012

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