Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Daven Says

While this happened a few days ago, I haven't gotten a chance before now to sit down and write it out. 

I believe it was Sunday evening and Adam, Daven and I went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner. Daven, who at this point hadn't gone number two in over two days, started making THE face. Most of you who have ever been around kids or babies know the face I'm talking about. It's the poop face. 

I asked him to come to the bathroom with me, and it must have been serious business because he walked right into the stall and closed the door. I stood outside, holding the door closed. 

"Mom!  I did it!  I went poop!"

"Yay!  Good job!"  The woman washing her hands at the sink smiled. 

"And it's huge!  You've got to come see this, mommy!  Come look at my HUGE POOP!"

I had to laugh. The lady at the sink laughed as well, and I think I may have heard a snicker coming from the other stall. 

Hooray for huge the potty!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Book Review: The First Victim

I have reviewed JB Lynn multiple times in the past for her Hitwoman Series. And though about crime and mystery, the hitwoman series is still light hearted and laugh-out-loud funny. This book, however, is much more serious in nature. 

I am surprised and impressed by Lynn's ability to flow so flawlessly between two vastly different ends of the mystery genre. While both carry suspense, The First Victim is more of a Law and Order type scenario, where things go seriously wrong. A serial killer is plotting to finally get the one that got away. I almost felt the need to hold my breath the entire way through. (Clearly, I didn't - I'm no good at holding my breath) 

I know that some of my friends have recently read Gillian Flynn, and I have already recommended this book to them personally. And while Flynn is most recognized for her book, Gone Girl, she also has many other great books published (though not as admittedly bat-s**t-crazy as Gone Girl). 

I encourage readers out there to give this book a go. I'd love to chat about it if you do!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Daven Says

"Hey, those are my favorite!" Daven pointed to the box of thin mints on the side table that daddy had left out from last night. 

"Are they from the Girl Scouts?"  

"Yep, they sure are. "

"Do they match my poop?"


"Do the cookies match my poop because they are brown?"

"Yeah, I guess they do, huh?"

"Yeah because my poop is brown, too. "

There's a new slogan for those peppy Girl Scouts to use while peddling their cookies: Thin Mints - they match your poop. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Book Review: The White Door

Warning: this book will give you all of the feels. 

But if you've read the two books leading up to this one, you probably already figured that. 

I went through what might be called a book binge - I discovered the series a couple of weeks ago and read through all three books. It was wonderful!  But now I have to wait for the next book like everyone else. 

The White Door is the third book in a The Visitors series, a paranormal YA adventure. Those who don't believe in ghosts might change their minds after reading these. The whole, "edge of your seat" deal definitely applies here. 

Brylee has begun embracing her powers more, and is trying to help the dead in limbo move on to the light. But what about those that she isn't ready to let go of?  When I talk about all the feels, I mean it. I wasn't ready to get go of some characters either!  Will they find their way?

I just need to say that Brylee's parents tick me off. As a mom myself, I have a hard time imagining how distant her mother becomes. Then again, I'm a tad older than the targeted audience, and I'm sure that girls in their teens would covet a distracted mother-figure. 

Also, Ephraim is a total catch. Guys out there - this literary man is a good example of how to treat a girl. Read and take note. 

I hope that Christy is already writing the next book, because I can't wait!  I've already downloaded another of her books in a different series. She's a keeper!  

The official release date is tomorrow, but you can already download it on Amazon :)