Thursday, January 30, 2014

Even Villains Smile

I am getting really fed up with the amount of mean that radiates from school. Don't get me wrong - I've worked with kids and sometimes they are little shitake mushrooms. Everyone loses their cool. I get it. But if you never smile, might want to rethink that delayed retirement. 

Anyhow, here's what happened today:

During music, we had a minute of silence. The tone and volume level of that punishment made even me cringe. 

So I am sitting at the piano, trying to put the decrepit music binder back in order. Daven is sitting next to me, because even after all of the progress we've made this school year, he still won't sit with his class while I'm in the room. The one minute of silence has already started over once, because, let's face it- they just don't get it. And what does my child do? He starts breathing like Darth Vader. 

I look away, trying not to laugh. I can feel the piercing glares of the teacher's assistant. But he was just breathing. Granted, it was noisy and more than likely done out of spite, but he wasn't talking. 

Seriously, this woman is like this:

She's like the female version of Mr. Wilson. And she never smiles. 

Do I worry about writing things like this?  No. His teachers don't even own computers. If you know the TA I'm talking about?  Have YOU ever seen her smile during preschool?  $5 for anyone that can capture that on camera. 

Come on. Even Disney Villains smile. 

Have you ever encountered someone that always seems grumpy?  Tell me about it!

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  1. We have older pts like this and I completely get it. And like I said last night on fb, I have one word for a preschool teacher who cant smile and that is, FIRED.