Thursday, May 15, 2014

Moon Sand

Here's where I found the basic recipe for the moon sand:

The silly blogger app won't seem to let me post a link. So that's frustrating. 

This blog has an endless supply of sensory activities and crafts. Their mixture is definitely more pleasing to the eye, since they started out with colored sand whereas we used good ole sandbox stock. They also used a packet of Kool aid to help color and scent the mixture - the only kind I could find this morning was th giant can from Sams Club I got last year for camp summer. Since that kind already has the sugar mixed in, I was afraid to use it. Instead, we used food coloring and extract - Daven picked peppermint. 

So if you want to try it for yourself, here's the recipe:

4 cups sand
2 cups cornstarch
1/2 - 1 cup water (add in a bit at a time until desired consistency)
Kool aid packet, food coloring, or any smells you want 

My birthday cupcake :)

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