Thursday, December 6, 2012

Handprints and Ornaments

We did this craft last Friday. It was Nana Julie's birthday and I wanted Daven to be able to give her something he made. We made salt dough, which is simply salt, flour and water. I let him play with it like playdough for a bit before we got to work.

We made a heart ornament for each nana, as well as handprints and a few others. Lainey didn't know what to think when I squished her fingers into the dough. We gave her hand print to her mommy and daddy to hang on their tree.

After they baked and cooled, Daven painted a few. Although he really didn't make a mess, he still insisted on taking off his shirt before he started painting.

I remember doing this craft with my mom and sisters. She added green dye to the dough and used a Christmas tree cookie cutter. Then we used the squirty fabric paint to decorate our trees. I'm pretty sure a handful of those still get put on my childhood Christmas tree.

Maybe next we'll make cinnamon ornaments.

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