Thursday, August 15, 2013

Book Review: What a Mother Knows

I was lucky enough to get this book for free from Sourcebooks.  They even mailed me a physical copy!  I hadn't really read the blurb on it or anything; I just saw on their page that they were giving away free copies and I wanted one!  Hey, I will right-out admit that I am addicted to free books. 

I read the prologue.  My better judgement told me that I should put the book down and not continue.  While a sad book can still be a good book, it's also harder to digest, in my opinion.  And the first few pages are sad.  Why is it sad?  Two words: car crash.

Basically the mother in the story wakes up from a coma to find out that her daughter is missing and no one seems to be doing enough to find her.  She also finds out that she wasn't the only other person that was in the car the night that she crashed.  The bad news just starts to pile up.  But I don't want to give it all away.

This story is almost painful to read.  Some books I can't put down because they are so much fun to read.  This book, however, I tried to finish as quickly as I could so that my reader's anguish would stop.  Surely the ending would be happy, right?  Maybe?

I won't tell you how it ends.  If you're up for the journey of an overall sad story, read this one.  It's very well written.  The author did a wonderful job of telling the story.  It's just a bit exhausting to read.

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