Friday, August 9, 2013

Daven Says

Potty training continues to frustrate everyone in our house. Daven has great days where he stays dry all day and others where he refuses to use the potty. 

Adam told Daven that if he pees in the potty he can have one piece of candy and two pieces for a poo. I told him that I had already tried candy, as well as stickers and the potty rocks we painted. But we'll give it a try again. 

Daven pooped in the potty tonight!  Adam went to dole out the candy. Daven picked out two pieces. But when Adam went to put away the bag, Daven stopped him. "And one for pee". 

Yep, he did pee in the potty as well, so Daven managed to work the system and get three pieces of candy out of his squat. We might have one crazy kid, but he's clever, too!

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