Thursday, March 6, 2014

Book Review: The First Victim

I have reviewed JB Lynn multiple times in the past for her Hitwoman Series. And though about crime and mystery, the hitwoman series is still light hearted and laugh-out-loud funny. This book, however, is much more serious in nature. 

I am surprised and impressed by Lynn's ability to flow so flawlessly between two vastly different ends of the mystery genre. While both carry suspense, The First Victim is more of a Law and Order type scenario, where things go seriously wrong. A serial killer is plotting to finally get the one that got away. I almost felt the need to hold my breath the entire way through. (Clearly, I didn't - I'm no good at holding my breath) 

I know that some of my friends have recently read Gillian Flynn, and I have already recommended this book to them personally. And while Flynn is most recognized for her book, Gone Girl, she also has many other great books published (though not as admittedly bat-s**t-crazy as Gone Girl). 

I encourage readers out there to give this book a go. I'd love to chat about it if you do!

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  1. This book was my introduction to JB. I loved it and while I absolutely adore her hitwoman series and the new Spring Cleaning series, I hope she will delve back into this darker side.