Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Daven Says

Over this past weekend, we made a family trip to Target to buy Bubby some pants. It turns out that ALL of his 4T pants are too short, and that no matter how hard I try, he's not going to stop growing. Although daddy and Daven didn't last very long in the clothes section before going to look at toys, we were treated to a little gem. 

We walked past the shelf with packaged underwear: "Wow, check out this underwear!  Look at those ninja turtle ones!  Look at those!  (I can't remember exactly what the next design was)

Wait for it...

"Oh, look at THOSE!  They have frozen characters on them!  Mommy, aren't you so jealous?  Aren't you jealous of those frozen underwear?!"

Yes buddy, yes I am. Sadly, they do not make Elsa and Anna underwear in mommy's size. No Olaf on my undies...

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