Friday, November 9, 2012

Book Review: How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You

My favorite section to look for new books is the humor section.  These books are usually fast, easy reads that take your mind off of whatever you have going on at the time.  But they aren't big commitment books - you can be done with them in a day or two and send them right on back, or pass them on if you purchased a physical copy.

I got the ban on my online library account lifted yesterday after I paid my $4 fine for turning in two movies that I had checked out a day late.  (And the real funny part?  Daven and I didn't even watch them!)  So last night when Daven and I were hanging out in my bed watching Jessie, I got on and looked for something new to read.

I was happy to see that a few new books had been added to the humor section, and I immediately checked out this book - How to Tell if your Cat is Plotting to Kill You.  Now I would personally categorize this as more of a graphic novel - it's a big group of comics put together to make a book.  But the library doesn't really have those available online yet, so it was grouped with the humor.  And it was funny.

I went through this is an hour or less.  And I laughed out loud a handful of times.  Daven laughed, too, because he thought I was laughing at something in his show.  Oh sweet bub, I've seen those episodes so many times now that they can't be funny anymore.  

The illustrations are great, and the whole thing is just witty.  Anyone who has a cat can relate to this book.  And those who hate cats, like my dad, would like it as well.  It's entertaining for sure.

I wouldn't personally buy this, but if you can find it at the library or loan it from someone else for a day, I think you would be amused.  I should probably clarify that my choice to not purchase it is mostly because of lack of funds, but also because it wasn't long enough.  I'd consider it more of a sampler, or a potty read.  Which is fitting, because poop is mentioned quite a bit!

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