Thursday, November 1, 2012


After a month of watching endless shows and movies about Halloween and reading books about it, yesterday was finally the day. I don't think that Daven believed me straight away when I told him that it was. He kept saying, "Not Halloween yet!"

After a long morning of him fussing for candy and being a general grump, (Genral Grump! ::salutes::) he took a nap. I was very thankful for this.

That is, until he woke up and refused to get dressed. We were going to both Nanas' houses, so we were on a time schedule! I'm not really sure how Adam and I finally managed to get him dressed and out the door.

We finally made it to Nana Julie's and Daven went out trick-or-treating with his cousin, Cameron. We were a bit slow-moving, though, and he ended up going on without us. Daven made daddy carry him in between houses. He did walk up to the houses to tell people about his light saber. It was adorable.

After rounding the block, we dropped by his great nana's for a moment. He scored a $5 bill there. Then it was off to my mom's house for another round.

He must have had enough, because Daven wouldn't put his costume back on and go out in my parent's neighborhood. He was all too content playing with aunt Lacey and Leah and didn't want to be bothered with more walking. While I didn't really mind because it was dark by this point and growing colder, I know my mom had been looking forward to taking him out. And Adam was bummed at the lack of candy there ended up being for him to snag later on.

Halloween may be over now, but Daven can still be Yoda any time he wants.

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