Monday, February 3, 2014

A Little Wine and Some Girl Time

I'm so glad that I was invited to birthday wine tasting with Mandy and her friends. We visited two wineries in Kentucky: Wright Meyer and Brooks Hill. Both are small, quaint and beautiful. Both also cost only $5 to taste, and you get to take a wine glass home. At Wright Meyer, we also got to sample a couple of Kentucky Proud cheeses.  I warned the girls at the beginning that I would be shamelessly taking pictures of each wine. 

Wright Meyer Vineyards and Winery 

We were greeted by one of the owners of the winery and family dog, Henry. He was a large, black, low-key pup who didn't mind me squatting down to his level and scratching behind his ears. The rest of the time we were there, he lounged behind the counter, close to his momma. I wanted to take him home with me. 

Me and the birthday girl :)

Pine Creek Red - a semi dry red wine with tones of rich dark cherries. The taste of cherry helped to disguise the dry-ness. (Can you tell which part came from the wine list and which one came from me?)

Pine Creek Summer - a semi sweet white wine that tastes of fresh tropical fruit and a citrus smooth finish. While I didn't dislike any of the wine, this one was my least favorite. 

Diamond - Sweet wine; a light, crisp and fruity wine. One of the vineyard's signatures and most popular. Similar to a moscato. 

Cherry Cordial - this sweet wine was real treat because this wine hasn't been bottles for sale yet. They are officially debuting this wine next Saturday, right in time for Valentine's Day.  All of us LOVED this one!

Sassy B (Sassy Blush) - this Rosé is the other vineyard favorite and is a light Riesling and raspberry blend. It smelled like strawberry jam. I actually got a bottle of this one. 

Holiday Red Spice - a seasonal sweet red concord with mulling spices, great cold or warm. 

Sweet Blackberry - a dessert wine made with Marion blackberries. Yum. 

I don't have a picture of it, but Mandy let me take a sip of her premium wine sample. It was a Barrel Age Blackberry, which is aged for three and a half years. Oh. My. Word. Delicious. A 47%, Port wine, I'd love to snag one of these $40 bottles. 

Brooks Hill Winery

Brooks Hill Winery is where my cousin, Bobby had his wedding reception, so I knew that I liked the wine here already. 

Bailey's Blush - a semi dry wine. I didn't have any strong feelings for this one.

Lili's Red - a sweet wine named after the winery's dog. 

Kentucky Tradition - a bourbon barrel sweet wine. This one was my favorite from Brooks Hill. I REALLY wanted to get a bottle. 

Black and Blue - a sweet wine combo of blackberry and blueberry. 

Winter White - a dessert white wine. While it was good, the black and blue was sweeter. 

After tasting the two wineries with a stop at Cracker Barrel in between, the birthday girl proclaimed that she wasn't ready to go home yet and wanted dessert. After sitting in traffic for too long, we arrived at The Comfy Cow. I had never been there before. But now I want to go again. Think tastiness of The Pie Kitchen with cute and quirky mixed in. 

I got a slice of ice cream pie - chocolate crust, coffee ice cream, caramel drizzle, and espresso beans. I was completely oblivious to any conversation while eating this. It was like I was in another world. Mmm. 

Thanks for the great afternoon, ladies!

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