Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow and Sled Races

Yesterday afternoon, Bubby got to play put in the snow with his cousins and a few of our neighbors. I'll admit, I hate being out in the winter weather. But it made me smile that everyone was having such a good time. Thankfully we had enough sleds to go around, though the green, round ones were the favorite. I definitely need to grab a few of those before the season ends. 

I just recently finished crocheting this cowl. 

Momo, going down the hill on her back. 

Karlyn, Morgan, Daven, Skyler and Jessie

The girls crashed. More than once. Intentional or accident?

I love the look on Morgan's face here. 

And the look on Daven's face here. 

Getting some help from Deedee. 

After nearly an hour playing outside, you would think that Daven would be freezing. But he insisted on being buried in the snow, like we bury our feet in the sand box.  Just watching Morgan cover him up with snow made me cold!

I love these kids, but I am ready for summer to come back!

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