Thursday, February 20, 2014

Daven Says (Does?)

Those that spend any amount of time with Daven know that he's basically obsessed with Star Wars. He can take even the biggest adult fan to school on the details concerning the movies. So it shouldn't surprise me that it creeps up out of nowhere in the middle of school. 

During the music portion of their day (in which I play the piano, and Bub refuses to leave my side) they have started working on the beginning letter of everyone's name. They have a banner on a closet door of the alphabet and ask each child up, one at a time to point to "their" letter and say it with the wooden pointer. I'm sitting on the floor with Daven, watching Mrs. Jessica's class take their turn. The kids are generally being very supportive of one another. 

Next up, it's Daven's class. One of the little girls is such a cheerleader, telling each of her peers "good job" as they identify and say their letter. Out of nowhere, Daven starts to slow clap and say, "Good, good. " in his attempt at a deep voice. It took me a moment to realize that he was mimicking Emperor Palpatine when he's egging on Luke to use his anger. 

That's my son - our little Star Wars nerd prodigy. 

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