Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Gullible Mommy

My kid doesn't need any more toys or stuffed animals. So tell me why I broke down and bought him a stuffed dog at Kroger during our run to get more Pringles?  Because he knows just what to say. 

All we had to do was quickly cart past a wire tower of stuffed animals on the edge of the flower section. "Hey!  Mommy, go back!  There is a sad doggie over there!"  

Two isles later, we had what we came for and he was still begging to go back to the puppy. So I caved and took him over. "That one right there."  He pointed to a white and brown dog with gigantic eyes. "See how sad he looks?  He is sad because he doesn't have a home. We need to adopt him. Can we please adopt that puppy so that he can have a home where I can love him?"

That's all it took. Off the rack came the puppy and into the cart with Daven it went. I asked him when we were getting in the car if his puppy was happy yet and he said, "No, he's still sad because he hasn't seem his new home yet. " 

Now (another) Baby Puppy is hanging out with him, Deedee and Momo outside with his new family. 

I hope Baby Puppy is happy now. 

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