Sunday, April 27, 2014

Surprise! 30th Birthday Harry Potter Party

The idea had been in my head since last October, when the Rayborn clan went to Florida and I saw the excitement in my husband's eyes as we walked through Harry Potter land at Universal Sudios. He loved everything about it there and I wanted to try to recreate it as much as possible. 

It just so happens that my hubby turns 30 this Thursday. He had demanded a while back that I had better do something special for his 30th. So I took that, the Harry Potter idea, and did my best. 

Since the start of the year I've been scrolling and searching Pinterest for ideas. It's truly overwhelming. Add in a 4 year old who can't keep a secret, and you can see how sneaky I had to be with all of this. 

I want to thank everyone who had a part in making this happen - I couldn't have done it on my own!

So here it is - some photos of the Harry Potter party. 

Here's Daven, trying some of the homemade pumpkin juice I made.  I also made butterbeer, but neglected to snap a picture of it. 

I worked for hours on these butterbeer cupcakes. They were a pain, but worth it in the end.  SO good!

The kitchen, where my mother in law worked her magic. 

Potty decorations. 


The sorting hat and house badges.   These were right inside the front door. Guests placed the hat on their head and picked a badge to determine which house of Hogwarts they belonged to. Daven got "Pufflepuff". 

Front door. 

Articles of clothing for the local house elves. 

Pin the nose on Voldemort 

Corn hole with Umbridge proclamations.  (Get her right in the pie hole!)

Book of Monsters

Choose a wand. 

Find the golden snitch. 


A toast to each house - mixers for students and "mommy drinks" for prefects and professors. 

Trelawney and Snape, ready to party!

My nephew, Matthew. 

I dressed as Luna Lovegood. 

Daven casting spells on Uncle Todd.  I made his robe by simply cutting an old black shirt down the middle and liquid fabric stitching the edges. 

My sister as Professor Trelawney. 

Posing with my little wizard. 

Cousin Morgan getting sorted into her house. 

karlyn was next. 

And Momma Christie, showing her fun personality by giving me a great pose. Love you, lady!

"Why are all these people here?"
"It's a party for your birthday, daddy!"

Who knew that Trelawney had a thing with Professor Snape?

Some friends came out to give birthday wishes. 

Daven with the sorting hat, ready to play some quidditch. 

We had a wonderful time!