Friday, October 5, 2012

Book Review: Four of a Kind

I downloaded this ebook because I liked the picture on the front cover. I guess you could say that it was a reversal of the old saying; I decided to give it a read because of the way it looked.

As soon as I opened up the file I almost sent it back. Why? It was 827 pages long. That's a big commitment for a book that I knew nothing about. But for whatever reason I decided to give it a go anyhow.

4 moms become friends through a school committee - one that results in poker games instead of fundraising.

Carla - a religious conservative pediatric doctor with 2 sheltered boys.

Bess - a peppy, wealthy housewife with 4 kids.

Allicia - unhappily married and has a son with emotional issues.

Robin - a single mother who kept the secret of her daughter from the one-night-stand father.

This book spans a year's time and each chapter switches first person narrative. The ladies transition from feeling forced to meet and share to each pining for their bimonthly poker nights.

Each mom has obstacles to overcome and their friendships are all put to the test. As you can imagine, a lot happens over 800 pages. But rest assured that there is a happy ending.

I don't know that I've ever played poker, nor do I have any desire to learn. That left me with a bit of a disconnect with the book. There was so much poker terminology that a glossary at the end.

The thing that kept me reading, however was the idea of adult female friends. It seems so hard to make and maintain a strong, personal connection with someone new. These characters gave me hope that new, meaningful friends are yet to be made.

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  1. guess the title is a play on words, both a poker reference and one referring to the four ladies. I get the adult female friends thing, its so hard and gets harder as we get older. But youll always be my friend !! Pickles and ketchup to come!