Monday, October 1, 2012

Adam's 10 Year High School Reunion

This weekend was a busy one. It's been the big ten years since Adam graduated from Jeff High and the class of '02 got together to celebrate.

The festivities started Friday evening at 4th St. There was a meet & greet at PBR, and we got in free thanks to a fellow classmate being a manager.

This bar is VERY country and not some place we would ever think about going. But it turned out to be a lot of fun. Adam's parents kept Daven and we were out way past my bedtime!

Saturday was the actual reunion at the Elks Club in Jeff. The food was really good! Everyone at our table was easy-going and friendly, which was a relief. I was thankful that I knew a handful of people going into the night.

I was bad about not taking any pictures, so the only ones I have were taken from other Facebook pages.

I think Adam was glad that we went, and he got to talk quite a while with his friend Ryan who he speaks about frequently but never gets to see.

I am still trying to recover from being on the go this weekend but it was a good time. I hope that my reunion next year will be as nice. Well done, class of '02!


  1. His friend Ryan - Ryan Bond?! I haven't seen him in forever!! Are you looking forward to our reunion next year?

  2. Yes, that would be the one! I hope that we have a good turn-out next year because it would be fun to see everyone again!