Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Living Room Putt Putt Golf

Daven is pretty obsessed with golf right now. He wants to go outside every day with daddy to "hit ball high". He also insists on having his clubs inside at all times. And he's getting a bit too good at hitting the ball.

This morning I attempted to give him an activity where he could use his golf clubs but without getting TOO wild.

I used toys and recycled things to make the holes for him to aim for. Then he could stand in the middle of the room and hit it in whichever direction he wanted.

As you can tell from the pictures, Daven got even more creative by using a big Lego piece as a tee. I would never have thought of that myself!

One of the best things about this activity was that we had to clear the floor beforehand. Having the motivation of playing golf inside, Daven was much more willing to put away his toys. He also insisted that HE vacuumed the floor, which is pretty stinking adorable!

I've seen online where a mom used green towels as the pathway. I know we have one green towel, but no telling where it might be! I'm hoping to come up with a few more ways to make this better and keep it interesting for Bub. Ideas are welcome!

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