Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin Party!

Yesterday we (Daddy) carved our pumpkin. I decided to pick the seeds out of the slimy pumpkin guts and cook them.

*half an hour later and yucky, irritated hands*

I rinsed the seeds thoroughly. I lost more than a few to the floor, counter, sink...they just kept getting away from me.

Next I was supposed to towel dry the seeds. Seems simple enough. But the darn things stuck to the paper towel. I guess I should have used an actual towel. Hmph.

Into the skillet they went and I was giddy to watch the seeds jump around the pan as the remaining moisture evaporated. Dance, little seeds! Dance!

After they began to brown, the brown sugar goes in. And here is where I did an oopsie. The recipe calls for 2-3 tbls but for some reason I thought it called for 3/4 CUP of brown sugar. We'll check this off for my blonde moment of the day.

A bit of olive oil goes in, which I assume is to help keep them from sticking together. I need not bother though, because with my mis-measure those babies are stuck!

When everything was all melty, I poured it all out onto foil. I tried my best to spread it out.

Despite my oops, they are pretty yummy. So woohoo for that!

Daddy did a great job on our pumpkin. Sadly, though, it didn't last the night. Raccoons destroyed it while we slept. So it looks like there will be another round of pumpkin madness so that we may avenge our fallen bumby.

As I've said before, sorry the pics aren't all in order.

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