Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Warm, Sunny Day With Bubby

We started out with double pedicures.  I was scrubbing my feet when Daven wanted to do the same thing.  Ditto for the nail trimming and lotion and finally, nail polish.

Daddy, don't flip out.  It's clear polish.  Take that huff and put it back where it came from.

Daven allowed me to paint his toenails, but when I tried to paint mine, he wanted to help.  And by help, he meant do it himself.  He actually didn't do too bad considering.  And I'm quite often very terrible at painting nails anyway.

We took our fresh footsies outside to play.  The forecast is calling for rain tomorrow, so I knew we needed to get out and enjoy it while we could.  We were outside a good portion of the day.  He rode his bike, practiced t-ball, mowed the grass, and played in his sandbox.  When he got hungry we brought his sandwich outside and sat on a blanket in the grass. 

Yes, that's correct - he's not wearing pants.  He's just that cool. 

After it was clear that there was no way under the sun that he was going to take a nap, we baked a cake together.  I slightly regretted this decision once the oven started to heat and I realized how hot it was in the house!  Hoping it's yummy.  Also - hoping for an early bedtime tonight.  Mommy is tired!

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  1. This boy is going to have a hard time when he has to wear pants all day everyday... Cracks me up how much he enjoys the air on his little legs, more often than not hes pantless