Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Painting Potty Rocks

Potty training has been a back and forth process for us.  Daven will do great for a day or stretch of a few days and then he will just flat-out refuse to try to use the potty.  This has been going on for over a year now.  I know that some parents will force their child to sit on the potty for so long every so often.  But I don't want Daven to think of the potty as something negative. 

My mom suggested that he gets a coin every time he goes, and then once there's enough he can spend it at the Dollar Tree.  I took this concept, along with this good behavior rock jar from See Vanessa Craft and now we have potty rocks.  Basically, he will get to put one rock in the jar every time he goes big boy potty; two if it's a stinky.  After he has accumulated enough rocks in his jar, he will get to pick out something special at the dollar store.  The number of rocks needed for cashing in will start out small and as he becomes more consistent with staying dry the number will increase.

We painted our rocks outside today, since the weather was nice.  I got the paint and rocks at the Dollar Tree, so the total cost of this project was only $2 plus tax. 

I would love to say that Daven sat for an extended period of time and painted all of the rocks, but that would be a big fib.  After four rocks, he was done.  I think he put more rocks than he painted into the sandbox.  I was quite enjoying myself though, and painted quite a few.  I mean, I was already messy anyway.

After we finished with the rocks, we did foot prints.  My foot is so big that by the time Daven got my foot covered, the paint had already pretty much dried and didn't leave much of a print.  His turned out super cute, though!

Since we were outside for so long today, I told Daven that he could pee on the grass.  He thought that this was hilarious and he stayed dry the whole afternoon!  I just hope that any of our neighbors or cars passing by would be sympathetic to the cause.  Although he didn't understand why we had to go inside for mommy to go potty.  "Go on the grass, mommy!  Water the weeds!  You just pull your pants down and pee on grass!"

That would have been a sight.


  1. Good luck! Hope the rocks keep him motivated.

  2. I hope this gets you some progress, I personally dont think the potty can be a negative thing, but also dont see the point of making him sit on it for periods of time when they have no "urge". On the other hand I wouldnt let him have the pullups unless it was nighttime or you were going somewhere, at home Id make him pee on himself over and over.

  3. I don't think you understand the amount of pee that this kid has. My house would be flooded. He has his mommy's bladder :(