Thursday, November 21, 2013

Book Launch Blog Tour: Ascension

Hey there, readers!  Haaaaaaaaave you met Stacey?

If you frequent my book reviews, I've talked about most of her books in the past calendar year.  Once I discovered her, I quickly read everything of hers that I could get my hands on.  And while The Gryphon Series is aimed at young adult readers, I have gotten sucked into the story every time, despite the fact that I am no longer a young adult myself.

 (Seriously.  I just started a new part time job this week and one of the girls that works directly under me called me old.  Does this mean I can start wearing muumuus?)

I am a part of Stacey's street team, and I do my best to promote her whenever I can.  She is an amazingly kind woman.  Well, how nice IS she?  She is so sweet and catering to her fans, that after we learned that our respective family vacations would be at The Happiest Place on Earth on the same day, she agreed to meet me.  For a few brief moments last month, my 3-year old son quoted Star Wars quotes to Stacey and her girls while they smiled and laughed, indulging in his imagination.  There, at the front of Magic Kingdom, with Main Street in front of us and the Electric Light Parade about to start, I met one of my favorite authors.

See, I told you that she's basically the best.

But you want to know about the new book.  Right.

 I was geeking out so much while reading this book that I was constantly facebook-messaging Stacey  throughout.  "Oh my word, that part was SO funny!" and "WHAT?!  I can't believe that this person enters the story!"  She was very patient at indulging me in my fan-girl silliness.

Celeste Garrette, how have you gotten yourself into such a mess again?  And Grams - how are you still so funny?  This book gave me all the feels and I'm still trying to cope with them.

This being the fourth book in the Gryphon series, I'm already pretty emotionally invested in Keni, Gabe, Celeste, and the whole gang. And of course, Mr. Pirate, Rowan and lad Irishman, Caleb. (So many feels). I knew going into Ascension that there would be obstacles that the family must face.

If you've read the proceeding books, you know that The Countess is practically stalking Celeste and is rather obsessed with knocking our conduit down.   Basically, this is her agenda:

The Garretts never really get much of a break, having the responsibility to save everyone from total destruction.  Celeste has some crucial tough choices to make, ones that I don't think I could make myself.   I couldn't read fast enough, trying to guess how everything was going to play out.

And then it was over.  And I don't know what to do with myself.

I wish, more than anything, that at least one of my friends would read this series so that I can get all book club-like and discuss it.  Maybe I should gift the books to someone for Christmas and pester them until they read them all.  

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