Sunday, November 24, 2013

Wake up the Magic

Every morning when it's time to open The Disney Store, a little boy or girl gets to help. Usually, whoever happens to be around at that time gets selected. But since Nana knew that she was going to be opening the store, she asked if we wanted to come over and have Daven help. 

The first step is to get your hands warmed up so that the magic can flow through them. 

Send the magic out!

Oops!  That didn't work. Maybe if we dress like Sorceror Mickey, that will help. 

Warm the hands up again. 

Don't forget to say the magic words!  "Let the magic begin!"

It worked!  The store's magic woke up and everyone was able to come into the store. 

We extended the magic by seeing Santa while we were at the mall. He told him about all the toys at the Disney store he wanted, as well as doing his Darth Vader impersonation. 

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