Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Beware, my son steals food

Ok, maybe not so much swiping out from under you like a pup as guilting you to give up your lunch.

He's a cutie and will so innocently walk up to you, look at you with his big blue eyes and say, "Me bite?"

But don't be fooled, friends. Once that initial bite of food has been passed over, he will more than likely devour the remainder of whatever is in your bowl or on your plate.

The same goes with your drinks. "Me drink" = "I'm going to slurp this down. Hope you don't want anymore!" But watch out, friends. That better not be caffeinated or this momma will have words.

You can try to get mad at him for conning you out of your meal, but then with his mouth full, he'll do his dance that he reserves for when his food is yummy. AKA the yummy dance. And you won't be able to hold back a smile. Because like I said before, he's just so cute.

And yes, the rare times I get to have sushi, bub is right there with his chop sticks diving right in.

This particular picture shows Daven eating Aunt Lacey's lunch. True love.

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