Monday, July 30, 2012

Book Review: Does a Pig Flush?

As you could hopefully tell by the title of the book, this is not one that I am counting for my personal 75 books in 2012 challenge. At least I hope you could!

Since we are attempting to potty train, I have been on the look out for books on the subject to read with Daven. This gem was found at our local library and has been a real hit with our stubborn guy.

The potty books I remembered were pretty low key and "appropriate". Yes, everybody pees and everybody poops but this book goes beyond that.

All ANIMALS poop as well, although they don't use the toilet. Birds go on people's heads, deer poop in the woods, and so on. What cracks me up the most isn't the story though; it's the illustrations that go with it. They chose to SHOW the animal poop, which in my opinion is just hilarious.

Don't worry though, it's not realistic poo, although I'm sure it could be considered too racy for some families. But our little guy calls his own snake poop when he goes on his potty, so we don't mind a little illustrated doo doo.

We've read through it a few times and already Daven is helping with the dialogue. "Pig flush - no!"

We give this book two flushes.

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