Friday, September 28, 2012

Yogurt Dots

 I'm so irritated.  I've been trying for days to figure out why blogger has put some of my pictures sideways and doesn't give me an option to rotate them.  But instead of nixing the post all together I've left them in the way they are - tilt your head for the full effect.

I can't take credit for coming up with this idea on my own.  Shelby mentioned it to me in a comment on one of the many pics I have on fb with bub.  This particular photo showed Daven with his lemonade rocket pop.  She brought to my attention all the other yummy things we could freeze in the molds and then told me about these yogurt dots.  She had found it on Pinterest, so I'm sure there's already a blog on this out there somewhere, floating in the vast interweb universe.

Daven has loved yogurt since he was a wee one and scarfed the Gerber baby yogurt out of the cups that look like pudding cups.  Lately though, he hasn't really wanted much to do with it, and we had yogurt that needed to be eaten before it expires.  This recipe was just the trick!

Start with yogurt - I used Daven's GoGurt.

Cut a notch in the side and squeeze out until desired size.

If you don't have the squeezy kind of yogurt, Shelbs said to put it in a plastic ziplock baggy and cut a hole in one of the bottom corners.

I decided to add sprinkles, to make them look even more colorful and fun.

Into the freezer they go.  I left them overnight, but I bet if you gave them a few hours they'd be good to go.

The next morning, the dots were ready for snacking.  I used a spatula to scoop them and they came right off.

I really wish these picks of bub were the right angle.  But you can tell, even though he wasn't a fan of clothes that day, he enjoyed the dots.

It's so cute when he asks for them now.  "Eat dots, please".  This was an excellent idea and I'll continue to make more batches of them.  They look like candy, but it's just good 'ole yogurt.

Thanks, Aunt Shelby!

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