Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Camp Summer

Yesterday was the second official day of camp summer. I could barely get the kids to sit still long enough to eat lunch. Naps?  Only in my dreams!

Special Agent Oso helped with the 3 special steps to do a leaf rubbing, so Morgan, Daven and I went outside in search of some leaves of our own. It quickly became clear, however, that Daven only pretended to be interested in the search for leaves because it got him outside...with his golf clubs. 

After finding a few choice leaves, Morgan and I did our leaf rubbings while dodging golf balls. I did manage to get Daven to participate when I brought out the watercolor paint. I showed them how the crayon showed through the paint and we went through quite a few sheets of paper, as well as most of the purple paint. 

After their revolt against movie time and arguing with each other after sneaking onto the porch, I gave up on the thought of them resting and got out the sprinkler. I love the pictures I got where they were mid play. Every time I cracked open my library book, someone aimed the cold water at someone else. And Daven spent much of his time on his throne of dirt. After a while I gave up on my book and started chasing them all around with the spray sunscreen. 

A few juice barrels and popsicles later, it was almost dinner time. I'm pretty sure the kids would have stayed outside all night if I had let them!


  1. Are you watching them this summer?

    1. Yep, we are hanging out and trying to stay busy all summer long with the girls.