Monday, May 6, 2013

Daven Says

Earlier this morning we were in Daven's playroom and we both seemed to notice at the same time that his pull-up was less than fresh.

"Ew, Daven. We need to change that. "

He looks down and gives it a squish. I cringe.

He then pats his crotch and says, "It looks like there's a baby in here. "

I think I said ew, although I'm not really sure. It certainly caught me off guard.

Later that morning...

I finally convinced him to change out of his pjs. With his shirt off, he said, "Look, mommy. I have tiny boobs. See, right here. ". He pointed to his nipples.

Then as his clean shirt was getting put on, he said, "This shirt like a bra for my boobs. ".

Oh dear.

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