Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Carrot Chips...Kind of...

Carrots, olive oil and salt are all you need for this recipe. Supposedly, if you slice and bake, crispy chips will result. I'm not sure if I didn't cut my carrots thin enough or what, but mine ended up more mushy and floppy. I tasted them - yuck. But I didn't tell Daven my own personal verdict. 

He ate the heck out of these. And he never eats carrots. Raw with dip, cooked with roast, in soups - he just won't eat them. But these so-called chips got him eating more carrots than he's eaten since I made his baby food. 

He did participate in the process, which I think helped his desire to taste the finished product. He "cut" his carrots with a blunt knife while I stood beside him and cut for real. 

If you have made your own chips or try this for yourself, let me know how they turn out. I'd like to know what I could have done to make them better. I'd really like to try this with sweet potatoes, hopefully with a crispier result!


  1. I would say two things to try. One def thinner slices, Id go like mandolin thin if possible, and two maybe try real carrots and not baby carrots. They are different. Id say thinner def makes a difference change in the carrot maybe not so much, but I bet you could make them with sweet pot and throw a little cinnamon and sugar on there...

  2. Thinner, I would say... Maybe a regular carrot? Also, I bet sweet potato chips would be super amazing. I know when I made regular chips, they were pretty thinly slice.