Monday, October 14, 2013

Family Vacation to Florida - Days 1 & 2

We spent last week in Florida with Adam's side of the family. 

This picture here was about the only time that Daven actually rolled his own suitcase. Little stinker - he had us carry it (and him) most of the time!

In line to check our baggage at the Louisville Airport. 

It was also baby bear's first flight :)

Layover in Detroit. Papaw bought Daven an airplane set. 

Making friends and sharing toys. 

On our second flight, Daven declared that if he had headphones on, his ears wouldn't hurt. 

While Nana and Papaw waited in line to check in at Orange Lake, we had some complimentary beer. I snapped this picture of Adam because he pretty much never drinks. I think he took two sips and gave it to me. Darrell didn't finish his either. Just call me the garbage disposal for beer!

The whole group flew down on three separate flights. It was a long day and by the time everyone got settled at the condo, we were starving!  Luckily, a pizza place near by was able to seat us right away. 

Daven attempts "duck face"

After a late dinner, we still had to get groceries before the store closed. All the ladies packed in the van to the store while the guys did, well, whatever it is that guys do. 

Here's Lauren and Brittany wheeling a luggage cart full of groceries. Brilliant idea. 

Sunday was a rest day. We lounged around the condo. Julie made dinner. And we played 36 holes of putt putt golf. 

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