Thursday, October 17, 2013

These are a few of my Favorite Things: Unwind Body Mist

I have a love/hate relationship with fragrances. It's always been this way. I will sample a scented lotion or spray and while I initially like it out of the bottle, once I have lived with the scent on for a few hours I end up hating it. I've wasted WAY too much money on Bath and Body Works because of this. Oh!  They're having a sale!  I'll spend $3 on this bottle and $5 on that bottle...and I've ended up with a box full of products that I don't use because my skin and my nose just don't agree with any of it. 

Some of you might know that I've recently started my own business with Arbonne. I went in head first, without having tried any of their products for myself. I was promised that everything was amazing, and so far I've had happy clients. So when I was able to use some rewards for ME at the end of this past month, I was like a kid making a Christmas list deciding what I wanted first. 

One of the items that I got is the Aromassentials Unwind Rejuvenating Body Mist. 

This mist is made to be used all over your skin, although I also spray it on my clothes. The scent is subtle, and smells of sweet lavender. Designed to help calm and relax, you could also use this mist on bedding, pillows and blankets, or simply in the air. I have fleeting images in my head of spritzing this on myself before cradling a fussy baby in my arms. But that's just the pesky baby fever that I keep ignoring ;)

I LOVE this spray. I want to use it so often that I don't even put it in a cabinet, much less a box. It stays out on the bathroom sink where I can have access to it whenever I need. 

Does it REALLY relax you?  I'm not quite sure. But I feel better after a quick spritz. And being able to feel better AND smell good at the same time is a double win for me!

Let me know if you would be interested in hosting a party. I'll bring everything we'll need for an ultimate facial for you and a few of your friends, and you get to relax and get pampered. And what's more - this mist is one of the items that you can get for free just for hosting a party. Let me know if you'd like to know more :)

The holidays are quickly approaching, and I promise that there's something for everyone. 

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