Friday, October 18, 2013

I get by With a Little help from my Friends - Daven Says

After spending a good portion of the afternoon playing in the dirt, we convinced Daven to take a bath. Yes, I know that he's probably going to make a mess with his spaghetti tonight, but I also wanted to try to keep him from taking a 4:30pm nap!  He still won't let daddy wash him, and he didn't even want daddy to run his bath water. Silly kid!

While playing with his bath toys, he shows he a magic trick where he hides Woody from Toy Story in the handle of one of his bath cups. "Look, mommy, he's stuck!"  

"Oh no, how is he going to get out?" I asked

He dipped the cup under water and said, "Tada!" And shows that Woody has indeed escaped the cup. I asked him how Woody was able to get free. 

" I got out with the help of my best friend, Daven", he said in a voice that wasn't his own. Little plastic, Dollar Tree Woody walked across the edge of the tub. 

So cute. 

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