Friday, October 18, 2013

Painting Bumbies

A couple of days ago Daven painted his pumpkins. Why did I call them Bumbies in the title?  That's what my sisters used to call pumpkins when they were little. Isn't that adorable?

We got the small, orange pumpkin last month when we visited Hubers with my grandpa and some of our family from Wisconsin. We got the white pumpkin when we went apple picking with Nana at the very end of September. 

I used some filler paper from my Arbonne packages to cover the table and used wax paper to squirt the paint onto. 

Daven wanted purple, so I showed him how to mix blue and red together to magically change the color. 

This is my favorite picture, because for just a bit, he wanted to hold my hand while he painted. 

We added some more colors, and he used a few different brushes. 

He took his task quite seriously!

What's more fun that painting?  Sprinkling glitter!

Daven's pumpkins have a proud place to be displayed on our hutch in our dining room. 

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