Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Book Reivew...Sort of. (Harry Potter #6)

It's the start of a new year and the only real resolution that I have is to continue to read, and to try to read more books than the year before.  I almost feel like I've fallen behind already, seeing as how it took me 10 days to get the first one done.

It's my reading ADD at it's best - trying to read too many books at once and getting frustrated that I'm not making enough progress in any of them.  But I also don't want it to be just about the number of books I complete; I read because I enjoy it.  Some days I have more time for reading than others.  I was trying to read 4 books at once.

On twitter I proclaimed (cue the stately trumpets) that I would indeed finish the Harry Potter saga this year.  I've been trying to read through them since I was pregnant with Daven.  It's not that I dislike them.  It's just that other books seemed more important to read.  Plus, I've already seen the movies.  I just couldn't get myself motivated.

Today I finished The Half Blood Prince, number 6 in the series.  That means only one more to go!

There was a bit of mystery to it, as I had completely forgotten who the half blood prince was.  And the teenage romances are comical.  I already knew who died at the end, and if I hadn't been prepared for that I probably would have cried my blue little eyes out.  I'd like to say that if I were a character in the books that I would be a member of Dumbledore's army.  In reality (or fiction) I would be too scared.  I'd be a shy Hufflepuff who wouldn't have even registered on the trio's radar.

I wonder if I will be sad when I finish the last book?  That happens with any good series, and this one has finally began to grow on me. 

What do you think about generation Harry Potter?  Do you love him?  Who's your favorite character?  I think mine is a toss-up between Ginny and Neville.

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