Thursday, January 31, 2013

Book Review: The Morganville Vampire Series, Books 1-8

The first thing that I'm sure most people do when faced with a new vampire book or series is to try to compare it to something else that they've already read.  My current favorite is the Sookie Stackhouse series, which sticks pretty close to the old-school vampire lore.  But at the same time it's funny and sexy; an all-in-all great read.

If only for the simple fact that these books are in the YA genre, I would have to classify them loosely with Twilight.  No, the vampires don't sparkle.  And there are a ton more of them than in Bella's strange little world.  But the main character, Claire, is so young and stupid.  Well, she's incredibly book smart, but I found myself smacking my hand to my head with all the dumb decisions she makes.  I'm sure part of this I could attribute to being a grown adult reading literature aimed at teens.  But wouldn't teenagers still think that some things are just down right stupid to do?

The series starts out with 16 year old Claire, who is so smart that she is already ready for college.  While she wanted to go to some fancy pants school to get her nerd on, her parents insisted that she stay in state.  This leads to her being shipped off to Morganville, Texas to go to the university there.

Apparently the story couldn't get juicy enough there, so Claire gets run out of the dorms because her "I'm smarter than you" attitude gets her death threats.  She stumbles upon The Glass House, where she meets weirdo Eve and two hunky boys.  Here, she learns all about the town and it's secrets, and Claire starts making dumb choices.

What happens in the next handful of books?  She does what everyone else in the books tell her not to, gets beat up, manages to save the day, and smooches on one of her roommates.  For all 8 of them.

They really weren't that bad to read.  Like I said, I wasn't the target audience.  But I'm also not readily hunting down the next million books in the series either.

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