Monday, July 1, 2013

Camp Summer: July 1

Rain and thunder kept us inside all morning. I set up an area for a fort in the dining room, although this doesn't mean that the mess was contained to this spot!  The older kids wanted to make the space their own, while the younger two just wanted to hang out (and be messy!). It was fun to watch them figure out what they wanted in their fort. They had a grill and a hamper full of plastic food, along with countless other toys. 

When the sun finally came out, the kids were begging to go outside. Coach Cameron found out how hard it can sometimes be to get kids to listen to you. He is pretty patient though, and has quickly become a big brother figure for Daven. 

I blended up some fancy frozen drinks, which was just some sherbet, juice, and club soda. I didn't make enough for myself, but no one's lasted very long and there was mega slurping going on!

My ending thought of the night?  I love these kids, but its nice to have just one at the end of the day for right now. Four is exhausting!

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