Thursday, July 11, 2013

Does it work? Homemade Henna

I wish I could get my hands on some actual henna paste. I've always thought that this form of artwork was really neat. I've had it done once, during a festival in back circle at Transy. When I saw a recipe online, I was of course skeptical. But I also wanted to try it!

The mix:
Orange Kool Aid
Green food coloring
1 cup water

How did it work?

You're supposed to brush on your design, leave it for a minute and blot it dry. It leaves a slight color. Slight. It'll probably be gone by tomorrow. Mine turned out a little darker, but only because I kept reapplying more "henna". And it's so watery that it runs everywhere. 

I think this needs a few TBS of water instead of an entire cup. 

The kids liked it. I thought, "Meh. "


  1. Shelby and I did henna in Little India in Singapore and it was freaking amazing. If I didnt work in service and/or the world was more tattoo accepting I would get the design permanently on my hand it was gorgeous. I wont if you could use some corn starch to make it thicker so it would stay in place and dry and dye the skin better...

    1. I was thinking about cornstarch as well. Wonder if that would help the mixture stay put better? One bath and Daven's stick figure power ranger was gone. One swim in the pool and mine was as well!

  2. well the pool water is very bad for henna and it wont last that way very long, but I think that if you could thicken it with cornstarch it would stick better and die the skin better bc it would stay on longer, if that makes sense