Monday, July 8, 2013

Camp Summer: Nana's Pool!

After a morning at home playing Hot Wheels and decorating a road for the cars, we headed to my mom's house after our tuna helper lunch. Mom - I know how picky you are about photos of you, so I've left any of those out. But for the record, I thought you looked lovely!

Karlyn is a decent swimmer, but Morgan and Daven still needed to stay in the shallow end. Mo continued to test me on this and I actually had to threaten her with a time out!  (Dun dun DAH!). They all played together nicely, an I'm sure that everyone is tired now. Daven is passed out on the couch. The girls have vacation bible school tonight and I told them that I was going to check with their mom later tonight to see if they behaved for the rest of the evening. Cross your fingers, ya'll!

I wanted to get more pictures, but its tough work watching after 3 kiddos I the pool and I can't thank my mom enough for helping with that task. Safety above all else for my crew!

I think my favorite picture is the one with Daven wearing what we have dubbed the Elton John glasses :)

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