Friday, September 28, 2012

Book Review: Clubhouse Adventures

I'm not sure who gave us this book or how long we've had it, but Daven pulled it off his bookshelf this morning and was very excited to show me. "Look, mommy. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!"

We brought it downstairs with us and read a few of the stories this morning. There are are 7 stories in this book, each designed to help young ones read. The pre-reader stories have a lot of pictures to help follow along. The beginning reader stories use simple language, rhyme, and repeat words and phrases. Finally, there are more advanced texts for the accomplished reader.

I love the bright, colorful pages throughout the book. There's not a dull page to be found. There's plenty to discuss in addition to the words of the story. It's amazing to me how much Daven can tell me when I ask him "What do you see on this page?"

I have a feeling that this book will be read for a long time. And if you were the one that bought this for us - thanks!

Clubhouse Adventures is definitely mommy and Daven approved.

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