Saturday, September 22, 2012

"My Daddy take me golf course!"

Happy Fall!  The weather is absolutely beautiful today for the first official day of autumn.  

Our first stop of the day was over to Nana and Papaw's house to see the dogs.  They are upstate with Aunt Lauren this weekend and we are looking after the pups.  Daven, having the radar for everything boy, found a rock pile out behind the shed and decided to get dirty.

Then we went out front so Daven could practice golf.

 Finally it was time for what he had been waiting for and what daddy had been promising - a trip to the golf course!  We went out to Hidden Creek to spend a bit of time at their driving range.  Daddy has a golf scramble to play on Monday with his work and wanted some practice before swinging in front of coworkers.  I loved seeing Daven so excited to be where the golfers were.

 Watching daddy "hit ball high!"

Daven behaved so well the entire time.  It was pretty much a Daddy/Daven thing, although I did manage to get him to pose for a quick picture with me.  I was glad that I was able to get some shots of them both in action. 

Daven started out cautiously tapping the ball around and hitting them into the baskets.  After a while, though, he really dug in and started hitting them "down the hill".  Adam set up a tee for him (me drink tea, mommy) and that helped him hit even further. 

After they had used their two buckets of balls on the range, we headed over to the practice green so that Daven could "hit ball in hole!"  Just like on the putt putt course, he would set the ball right next to the hole and then tap it in.  "Yay, me!" 

He was a little upset when we told him it was time to go, but didn't put up a fight.  When we got home he was already ready to play golf in the yard and didn't want to go in the house.  Adam turned on tv and guess what was on?  Bub fell asleep on the couch watching golf.

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