Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Toddler Telescope

Since I've been rather crafty lately, I started saving the cardboard rolls from the toilet paper so that Daven and I could make something out of them.  I had two saved up and had planned on making binoculars for him since that's what he used his kiddy menu for last night when we were out to eat with Nana at Red Lobster.  He had other plans though, and I just sort of followed his lead.

 I set all the materials out in the living room and he picked what color he wanted to cover the rolls in.  I cut the paper and taped them on.  Next, I was getting ready to tape the two rolls together but he wouldn't let me.  "No noculars, mommy!"  Really?  Are you sure?  Because you seemed so into it last night.  "OK, well what do you want to make with them?"

He couldn't tell me what, but he did let me know that I needed to tape the two rolls end-to-end instead of side-by-side.  (This would have been easier with a paper towel roll!)  He seemed to be satisfied with this, and took it to look out of it.  I guess he wanted to be a pirate?

Then we added stickers to the telescope.  I figured he would want to stick every last one on there, but at that point he was done with crafting and wanted to simply play with it.  It worked out, because the baby that I watch doesn't nap for very long.

There ya go. A simple, seen it before craft.  But you've got to admit, my kid is a cutie :)

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