Saturday, September 15, 2012

Reversible Scarf

It started with one scarf. I completely finished it, put it around my neck, and cringed at the itchiness. While it feels soft to the touch, around my neck it was just uncomfortable. But I loved the color.

So I stitched on another color that was softer and I thought would look good together with the maroonish one.

First I continued on like you would changing a color on a blanket. But when the gray section matched the width of the maroon one I stopped, folded it in half and hand-stitched up the other three sides.

The maroon side is double stitched. The gray is single stitched. While its not perfect, I like how it turned out. And it's double thick for the coldest days.

Also, I need to add that this darn app won't let me sort my pictures in order. So boo to that.

Maybe this should be a worksheet sorting exercise. Can you put the pictures in the correct sequencing order? Gold stars for those who can!

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