Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Camp Summer - June 4

Phew, what a day!  We were outside practically the entire day, which kept the house from getting (more) messed up. Lots of sandbox and tball, with lunch with Nana in between. All four kids played nice and we had minimal grumpage. 

Daven was in big boy underwear almost all day, even while we were out to lunch. Cameron played the big brother role and took him to the bathroom twice. I was worried that he would end up sitting in a puddle, but we made it back home dry. 

Cameron made a Santa belly with sand in his shirt, Daven put sand up Cameron's shorts, and Morgan cat-napped in the tent. Daven practiced hitting with only a pull up on. They all went to Daven's tball game, but by the time that rolled around he was exhausted. 

And thanks to Mo, I have One Direction stuck in my head. Get it out!

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