Thursday, June 20, 2013

Camp Summer: Spring Mill

We traveled down the two-lane highway today to go up to Spring Mill State Park. It's right around an hour away from here, and a neat place to visit. 

The nature center clearly hadn't been updated since my last visit when I was in middle school, but there were puppets and the kids liked goofing around with them. We ate a picnic lunch and then headed over to the pioneer village. Daven spotted a playground, so they spent some time playing before we walked through the old houses and the mill. 

I'm not sure which of the older kids started it, but they pretended to be freaked out by all of the portraits hanging on the walks of the houses. "Ah!  Scary portrait!"  While we were on the third floor of the mill, Daven announced that he needed a potty break. Then he made me carry him down all of the stairs. Where was the nearest bathrooms?  Out the building, over the walking bridge, around the leather shop and down the trail. We made it, though!

Daven liked "that black man". No, my child isn't being racially insensitive. He was referring to the blacksmith. It was really neat watching him fan air into the fire, heat the metal and make designs. 

We couldn't leave without going on a hike - the boys said so. They all had walking sticks, and of course Bubby used his as a light saber. He fell asleep in the van as soon as we got moving. 


  1. This place does look vaguely familiar was this 6th grade trip? Did we go in the cave there or was that two separate trips?

    1. I think that it was 6th grade and I believe that we did go into a cave of some sort. They have quite a few caves there, but they were all closed when we went because some sort of fungal infections in bats called white nose syndrome. I really need to find my old pictures and see what all's there.

  2. Ok I thought that was the place we went in 6th, fungal infection in bats sounds super gross.