Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Camp Summer: Making a Sock-to-pus

I saw a picture of these a while back and knew that I wanted to make them with the kids. It took a bit of work to round up and sort through all of my socks, but they are now sorted and matched, and I found some good candidates for the project. 

Each kiddo picked out which sock they wanted from the pile, as well as buttons for the eyes. Then I sent them off into another room so that I could sew the eyes on. I lost count of the number of times I stuck my fingers with the needle. 

After all the eyed were attached, each took a turn stuffing their sock part way. I tied this part off with small rubber bands that are made for hair. The last step is to cut the bottom into eight legs. Then you're done!

I think they look a bit more like jelly fish than octopuses. Daven called his a ghost. But whatever you want to call them, they're still cute!

Karlyn's socktopus read to the other about shapes, colors and opposites. 

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