Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Week of Birthday Fun

We are truly blessed with having family that care so much for Daven. We are birthday-ed out after this past week. Last Sunday, mom had a small dinner with my sisters, their gentlemen and my grandpa. She cooked my favorite - chicken & dumplings and 7 layer salad. I'm pretty sure she cooked it more for me than him. He was too excited to eat much of anything.

Wednesday was his actual birthday, and Adam took a vacation day from work so he could spend time with Bub. He put together the drum set that we got him and Daven got right to jammin' albeit without any pants. He picked McDonald's for lunch. That night we had dinner with mom and my sisters and then met up with Adam's family for bowling. I posted a separate post with most of the pictures earlier this week.

This afternoon we had a party at Nana Julie's house, complete with a Star Wars happy birthday banner and cupcakes with the same theme. I got a pack of glow sticks from the Dollar Tree so that the kids could have harm-free light saber fights. I'm so happy that so many were able to make it. Of course, I didn't get enough pictures. I tend to do that every year at his bday party.

The pictures go in the order that they happened. Thanks to everyone that helped make Daven's birthday wonderful. You guys rock!

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