Monday, February 25, 2013

Begging Victoria at Diamond's Pub and Billards

 Did you know that my husband is in a band?  No, not a concert band.  Although that would be sweet.  Then again, if he were I wouldn't be able to get pizza and beer at his concerts.  If you are friends with Adam, I'm sure you have heard plenty about his musical aspirations.  (For the record, I want to play in an orchestra.  Just making sure you knew.)

Most often you can find these guys at Spinelli's Pizza in downtown Louisville.  Catch them there on a Tuesday night and enjoy 75 cent PBRs with your slice.  While I love the pizza here and am thankful to be able to sit at my table and chow down while listening to music (I really just do not get the whole stand up while you listen to music thing), the acoustical atmosphere of this basement pizza palace leaves something to be desired.

This past Saturday was the first time that I went to Diamonds.  Have you ever been?  The place is huge!  I would say that it is 4th St. Live quality, although with less douche-baggery abound.  They have a large bar in front with table seating, a HUGE billards room, and a concert hall.  This area had it's own bar along with a stage and plenty of room for music-goers.  The food is yummy, and their menu is much more diverse than I expected.  What I liked best about it was the sound quality of the space.  I would say that Diamonds is my favorite place that Begging Victoria has played at so far.  The performers have plenty of room to move around and the sound guys were very attentive!

Here are my pictures from their show.  Check them out if you haven't already.  Or if you are already a fan, come see me at their next show.  It does get a bit lonely, being a band wife.  I'd love some company!

Adam Rayborn - guitar
Chris Vasconcelos - guitar
Kylee Standiford - vocals & bass
Taylor Burton - drums

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  1. Diamonds on Barrett used to be Jillians. Diamonds in St. Matts not so awesome and much smaller. Did they play upstairs or in the basement? Ive always seen shows in the basement but I know they can play upstairs. Maybe I will go with you sometime but one problem I have with Diamonds is I know a LOT of people who work there, and in different ways... if you get my drift. Id be more apt to go alone with you than ever go in either establishment with Chase.