Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bad Bunny

The past few nights for us have been strange.  It appears that Daven has been having bad dreams...about bunnies.  A few nights ago he was shouting out,"No, no, no!" in his sleep and whimpering.  I rubbed his back and stroked his hair, whispering that it was ok and that mommy was there.  He calmed without ever waking up, but this happened a few more times within that next half hour.

Last night he woke up after being asleep for a solid 3 hours screaming, arms failing, legs kicking.  It took us a good 10 minutes to get him calm enough to even talk to us.  He said there was a bunny in his room and it was coming to get him.  Adam looked up at me, like this is nuts!  What's a bunny going to do?  But I know all too well how scary those dreams can be.  I still get made fun of for being afraid of owls when I was little.  I had reoccurring dreams that a giant owl would burst through my bedroom window.  I hid behind furniture whenever there was an owl on tv.

With a bit more coaxing, we found out that the bunny is from the Christmas special of Power Rangers; the one that he watched yesterday on Netflix three times in a row while I was doing the dishes.  We kept assuring him that the bunny wasn't real - that it was just pretend.  He would say ok, but then a moment later he would say that he was scared again and that there was a bunny in the room.

Anyone that knows me would know that I am not a fan of the Power Rangers.  I never watched them as a kid (because hello - Ninja Turtles were better), and I don't like them now either.  I usually tune out whatever is going on.  If he insists that I be in the room with him while he's watching it, I'll usually read a book.  But now that we had such interrupted sleep last night, I think I am going to have to sit down and watch this episode so that I can see for myself what is scaring him at night in his dreams.

I think we might need to make up a batch of monster spray to keep the bad things away at night.  He didn't seem all the way convinced that mommy and daddy could protect him.  If this keeps up, we might not be visiting the Easter Bunny this year.

Anyone else have suggestions for what to say or do to help calm his nerves?  I know this is an issue that every parent goes through at some point.  Looks like I will be suggesting we watch something else the next time he wants to watch Power Rangers.


  1. 1- I totally remember the owl thing with you and I think it stemmed from the Schmidt Furniture company commericals, "Thats Who!", sorry didnt mean to frighten you. Also, in regards to bunnies, do you remember the book Bunnicula?? Dont let Daven read that in a few years... But yeah sounds like Power Rangers is a no go, its a bad show anyway I always hated it as well

  2. I've never read that book. It sounds funny, but I agree- Daven doesn't need to see it any time soon. And yes, those commercials were the WORST! When my dad found out about Daven's issue with the bunny, he started going into my owl thing and laughing about it all over again. I don't laugh at Daven. I know that bad dreams can seem real, even if they do sound silly.

    He still insists on watching Power Rangers even though I try to suggest other things. But he gets control of my iPad while I am working out and he knows how to navigate Netflix on his own.