Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Presidents Day! Although extremely windy, today was mild and sunny. It was like a glimpse of spring. I hate to wish away winter, but I am ready for the cold weather cruddies to be gone. What was even better was that Nana had the day off from work.

Daven rode his tricycle while waiting for his nana to pick us up. He is still unsure of himself but he's quickly getting better. After mom got us, we went through the fancy car wash on Lewis and Clark pkwy. Daven's eyes were so big the whole time; he wasn't sure whether to be excited or scared. His favorite part was the free super vacuum. I'm sure he will be asking to take my car there soon. Goodness knows it could use a high-powered vacuum treatment!

We went to Lowes to look at paint samples Lacey's bathroom. However, we ended up exploring the entire store. Then we went to Sams where Daven ate every sample. Mom cooked us dinner, which was delicious of course.

I'm glad we got to be outside for a bit, since its pouring down rain now. Isn't he the cutest dinosaur?

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